TOWN ORDINANCE: Obstruction of Highways

December 18, 2022

Town Ordinance: Obstruction of Class V Highways, prohibits the parking of vehicles on “Any public Town Road for any substantial time of the day or night. ” \ The Ordinance also incorporates snow obstructions. This section reads, “No person shall deposit any substantial quantity of snow on any Class V Road in the Town of Middleton, either in the compact area of the Town of the rural area, by virtue of plowing an individual driveway and depositing snow in the road or by any other method. ” \ Snow being plowed, shoveled or blown into the road by a snow blower can create a road hazard. \ The Middleton Highway Department works hard to keep the roads clean and safe for our travels. By depositing debris in the road and/or scraping off treated roadways, you are putting the safety of others in jeopardy. The same occurs when vehicles are parked along the roadway and passing vehicles have to go into the opposite lane of travel to go around them. \ As the homeowner, you are responsible for your property. If you hire someone to clean your driveway during a snow storm, please advise them that they should not be pushing snow across a Town Road at any time, for any reason. If vehicles have to be moved for a driveway during snow removal operations, they should not be left unattended in the road. \ The first offense shall bring a fine of $50.00 and each subsequent offense carries a fine of $75.00.

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