A cyanobacteria ALERT has been issued for Sunrise Lake, Middleton.

October 5, 2023

Samples collected and reviewed on 5 October had cyanobacteria (Dolichospermum) in concentrations up to 63,300 cells/mL in areas of highest observed accumulations. This is just below the advisory level (70,000 cells/mL). The blue pigmented color of this bloom indicates that the cyanobacteria is degrading in some areas, and hopefully will not persist. The Alert will remain active for a week unless further reports of cyanobacteria are received. NHDES will only resample if worsening conditions are reported. NHDES urges lake users to perform visual assessments of the water prior to recreating. Stay out of the water and keep pets out if you can see any visual accumulation or coloration of the water and report it. This is not an official cyanobacteria advisory, and signs do not need to be posted. I will be in contact again if conditions change, and an official advisory is issued.

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